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Onboarding API

Onboarding Your Platforms Users With BOPP

You can make it easy for your users to use BOPP to accept payments, we offer an onboarding process that is easy to integrate with your platform.

You first need to get in touch with us at BOPP, we can discuss business plans and we will be able to assist you in getting set up.

Once you are set up you will be able to add a link that we will give you, that will direct your users to BOPP and allow them to create a BOPP subscription, returning to you an API Key for the BOPP Button for use against their BOPP Subscription.

BOPP 3rd Party User Onbording Model

  1. Link to BOPP Subscription on your platform. The link will call the BOPP Subscription service with your PartnerPrefix and a Unique ID for your user.
  2. The user is redirected to the BOPP Subscription service, they will be taken through our subscription flow, passing information back to our services so we can construct a Subscription Account for them.
  3. We collect together the information from the subscription service and create a Subscription account for the user, we also generate an API Key and an Invoice Paylink.
  4. We return these parameters, using the supplied redirect back to your site.
  5. Back on your site, we will have passed the Unique ID you gave your user, together with a BOPP ID an API Key for BOPP Checkout and an open Paylink that can be used for invoices.

Your user will receive an email once their subscription is live and the API Key and Paylink will then be active. 12