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BOPP Checkout#

Adding a BOPP Checkout to your website or application allows you easily to add BOPP as a payment method for your customers and users. Your customers do not need to be customers of BOPP nor do they need the BOPP app, they simply need a UK bank account.

The BOPP Checkout acts as a launcher for the BOPP payment flow, allowing your end users securely to pay you directly from their bank account to yours. The user flow includes BOPP creating a connection to the user's bank (either via the Bank web flow or native bank application) and requesting the user to authorise payment securely.

BOPP Sandbox#

The BOPP Sandbox allows you to try out your button implementation without having to sign up for a full BOPP Business account. In the Sandbox you are able to test with our test bank, as well as the sandbox test banks from a number of other UK banks.

The BOPP Payment flow#

The BOPP payment flow was designed to be the most user friendly open banking payment flow in the market. The BOPP payment flow works on desktop and mobile, and can even be used between desktop and mobile (e.g. a user authorises payment in their native mobile bank application whilst purchasing in a desktop environment.

The non-BOPP Button payment flow is initiated by a link generated from the BOPP App. The BOPP Button allows your users to initiate this flow from your webpage.

Add code to your webpage
Buyer clicks the BOPP Checkout to Pay
BOPP API called with Amount, Reference and API Key
BOPP Checkout Overlay returned to page
Buyer scans QR Code with phone and launches BOPP Payment Flow
Buyer interactions with BOPP Payment Flow via BOPP API
Buyer authorises payment in their Bank App
Payment complete message returned with control to your webpage